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The rest of my 1st floor remodeling ideas for Conchy's apartment. I knocked out the wall between the kitchen and 1st bedroom and combined the space to form a casual dining area with a bar separating it from the kitchen. The washer and dryer were moved to a closet in the 2nd bedroom where I also made an opening to enlarge the whole kitchen area. In that last bedroom I also put a sofa sleeper so the room could be used for guest sleeping (maybe with some curtains or blinds to draw over the opening) or to use as to hang-out or work. This would add more room for guests in addition to the downstairs bedroom I didn't change. I love that now the kitchen is open to the formal living area and to this area for natural breezes through the house. This and my other design are all I would do to the first floor, it still leaves 2 complete bathrooms, but you can never have enough of those and they are expensive to build or remodel! 

  • anchajaya
    3y ago

    The kitchen for a family~ Where is Russ? missing from the picture... clearing weeds outside?

  • Conchy
    3y ago
    Back again to this plan... really in love with it !! Lots of ideas to consider and we want to make a good plan as it will be a big work !!  Thanks once and again for your bright ideas and advices...Reading everything you have written... we´ll have an exciting evening today discussing all these ideas.
    Russ, really appreciate your help and feel really glad you´ve taken time to help me. Big hugs ;)
  • JayPH
    3y ago

    great job Russ! You are ideas are exceptional! 

  • MandyB84
    3y ago

    This is gorgeous Russ! I'm having second thoughts about mine now... :)
    Thank you for your comment about the ceiling height, I will change it right away. 
    By the way, don't you just ENVY Conchy? :D

  • Conchy
    3y ago
    Wow...how can you "read my mind" ? ;D  LOVE this  idea for the first floor, and love it more with the beautiful  furniture.The table is fabulous.. and like that living area in the kitchen. ... so excited to see we are at last getting what we planned !!!!
  • lydiaenderlebell
    3y ago

    Don't know how I missed this. I love it, especially this GERMAN wardrobe (Yeah, had to look in the remix exactly what it was named), but also the beautiful wood table and the Bentwood type chairs.

    In answer to your question about visiting New Orleans. Unfortunately, it is not on my itinerary anymore.  I couldn't bear to go back, too many bittersweet memories. It was the only place in the States where I truly loved to be and I wouldn't want to miss the twelve years I spent there. Love the city, the history, the culture, the French Quarter, the food, the leisurely lifestyle, and of course, JAZZ  ( even used to go to Jazz funerals).

  • InteriorDesigner111
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  • Nari31
    3y ago

    Lovely wood theme!

  • darkknight
    3y ago