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Edited 3/12 to show true ceiling height and also to add support for the stairs. Again, sorry for the lack of ceiling lights and fans, but I had to use dropped ceilings to show height in the stairwell. Scenery in photo from photo by Bengt Nyman of Santa Cruz, La Palma licensed CC 2.0 [attribution required] found here:


  • deleted_1490232925_LillyLoveLace
    3y ago

    please follow me

  • Conchy
    3y ago

    Russ. really in love with this plan...I hadn´t consider having the music space there...but you made me think it over !!!!!!

    I know this is like a challenge for us...we never thought we could afford such a house,but life changes..... we are going to do in two steps :first we are going to fix all electrical changes and make first floor while living upstairs and then do the second floor. My partner will be involved in the Works so I hope they will be quick. We have to make a plan with an architect but I want to give him the idea and be sure of different possibilities.... Thanks again for your help !!!!

  • lydiaenderlebell
    3y ago

    Super Super Job! (wrote the answer to your N.O. question below the other Conchy remodel)

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  • Nari31
    3y ago

    Fantastic design!

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  • Mum Dali
    3y ago
    Mum Dali

    Hey Russ, i read the story of conchys new home just some minutes ago !!! I think you did a great job !!! It looks perfect for all wishes they have, you realised !!!! Hugs Dali !!! <3