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for Conchy 4

From forum discussion here:


This is why I hope Conchy can open up this wall with a beam . . .the VIEW! La Palma is gorgeous! Photo of Los Llanos, La Palma used for scenery in windows by Brent Nyman licensed CC 2.0 [attribution required] and found here:


  • Conchy
    3y ago
    love thisone very much, really...now I have a lot to think about!!! I´m opening all the designs and trying to make up my mind ....Now, we will have a lot of discussion here :)
  • MandyB84
    3y ago

    This is gorgeous! If possible, I would open that wall too for the upstairs family room. No doubt the view is beautiful from there!!

  • Mum Dali
    3y ago
    Mum Dali

    This looks beautiful, Russ !!!! I think with your help, Conchy will have a really wonderful home !!! And: Thanks for your lovely comment. Hugs, Dali <3