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Modern Kost

Kost is a very popular housing in Indonesia. Its like a dormitory or simply a room for rent. Kost are well know for students in Indonesia, who went in to a college or university. locates far away from their parents house. Also, a great place for the workers. It was once consider as a cheap housing in Indonesia, rather than to rent 1 whole house for example or to rent an apartment. The word "kost" came from Dutch language, In De Kost - which means as far as i know are "eat inside" (or even "to live and eat inside"). It was started, back in the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia. Some wealthy Indonesian family will sent their kids to live in with some Dutch family, to learn more about European mindset & modern knowledge. The family will pay to the Dutch family, consider it as an exchange cost for the room & foods (in this era, a bit like home-stay). It was then spread after Indonesian independence. Growing of the economy results of growing of city facilities, like more school and university, etc. Many young students then went studying out side their villages to the nearest city that has the university. There are the dormitory but then this in-de-kost or kost growing also side by side, since there were demands of room for rent. Back then, a place of kost usually in a house of a family with an extra empty rooms. Now days, modern Kost usually separate with the family house who owned the kost. Or even, built a specific building with many rooms for rent, designed as a kost. Now day, price not consider as a cheap again for some kost, but still consider affordable for some people. The price range around 100 US dollar - 500 US dollar a month. (there are still 30 -75 Dollar US per month kost but mostly not a comfortable one, with this price its even come as an empty room so need to bring our own bed, drawers, etc which is not effective for some peoples ). Strategic location and the facility following the price. The good facility must includes an inside bathroom, air conditioning, desk&chair, clothing electricity & water, bed of course, and a window. Big window, big size of room of course will affecting the price also. Many owners of Kost now, build their Kost by adapting studio apartment's concept. Following the trend in the market. Also, Kost built not only in a land house concept anymore. There are many modern kost built with 3-5 floors (like a flat concept). The Kost series designs i made, inspired from a homey Kost i found recently. Its located in Bintaro, South Jakarta. Go check their website here to see the style of their kost : . As for me, Its so homey with fresh ambiance from the green garden concept. Its fully booked by now, since they only have 7 rooms, equipped also with a garden terrace and a service kitchen facility. Very interesting place.