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Just for fun

I have named this design "Just for fun" to remind us all that Roomstyler was made for us to practice design and have fun! I feel as though sometimes we take the contests here too seriously. For example, there have been some arguments about whether designs fit the descriptions or not, I think that we should keep our opinions to ourselves... and if we think that a design does not fit the description we should flag it, and if it is necessary, it will be removed. Another thing is that people often complain that they have never won a contest, but there are a lot of people who have never won a contest, me included. We are the ones voting for the winners so the person who wins deserves it! Let's all remember...Roomstyler is made for us to have FUN! :)
  • Fairlight
    3y ago
    Thank you so much for your comments! I really appreciate it! :)
  • russ
    3y ago
    Oh, I do love this Fairlight! It reminds me of my youth. I always had a piano to play. I also love what you said in the story line for your design, I have always felt that way, and it makes it sad that so many seem to be here just for that and don't even realize there are so many other amazing things to see and people to meet here.:-)
  • janelle1
    3y ago
    Wonderful Design !!!! :))
  • lydiaenderlebell
    3y ago
    WOW, Fairlight, this time not only for your lovely design here but for your comment above.  If I didn't remember that I myself at 14 in many but not all ways was wise beyond my years, I would seriously question whether these words of wisdom come from a 14-year old. I am incredibly impressed.