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Village Apt Plan B2

In the U.S., when we say "The Village" we mean the very cool area of Greenwich Village in New York city. Thank you to Valentina for posting a link to this apartment in an historic building there that greatly needed extensive renovation. This design and another of the rear with a bathroom and utility closet together give my ideas for renovation of the entire apartment. Both views are given from the entry in the kitchen and my goal was to provide as complete and comfortable environment with as much storage space as possible. The rear can be found here. Valentina's original post can be found here. The real estate page with floor-plan and more views of the original space can be found here. I also want to add that if anyone else wants to try the whole space are any part of it, please feel free to remix (a real remix, please!) or use the whole blank space I made public here. It's in a very desirable and beautiful location and has a magnificent roof garden and patio for the entire massive complex. Well worth the investment to a buyer in my view.
  • Tupiniquim
    4y ago
    Very special! and I love the things you mentioned in your comment about my last creations
  • Sanare Sousa
    4y ago
    Sanare Sousa
    Amor !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MandyB84
    4y ago
  • russ
    4y ago
    Thank you everyone for such kind comments!
  • tiffmonaee
    4y ago
  • crosette
    4y ago
    Wow, wonderful! Thanks for all the info too. 
  • ilpiccio
    4y ago
    Very beautiful!
  • _Taz_
    4y ago
    Fantastic job!!! Working with small places like that is always a chalenge!
  • channing4
    4y ago
    Nice Job!!
  • darkknight
    4y ago
    i agree with everyone great job lovely room
  • janelle1
    4y ago
    Wow....Impressive....Just Divine!!!!!!!!!!!! :))
  • Roberta Coelho
    4y ago
    Roberta Coelho
  • Ecaterina
    4y ago
    Beautiful! Since I'll be looking for a new place to move to in the next months, this would suit me perfectly. Too bad is so far away from home!
  • evahassing
    4y ago
    This is a challenging space to work with but you have really made it in to something beautiful. Very good work!! And thank you so much for all your kind comments Russ :)
  • janip
    4y ago
  • Mum Dali
    4y ago
    Mum Dali
    Hey Russ, love this place so much ! Love the open kitchen and specially looking foward to see what you will have for dinner with the Wok in this lovely kitchen <<3 Hugs !
  • Valentinapenta
    4y ago
    Well done, Russ!  I've been trying to tackle this space but no luck so far.  You and Vagrfd seem to have a handle on it.
  • Nari31
    4y ago
    Comfortable! Well done!
  • vagrfd
    4y ago
    Great job!I like the open space!I gave the space a try, too, but only the living room.