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big view

  • ayudewi
    4y ago
    Very nice advise, Daisy! Note to my self also, it always fascinating to learnt some tips here :)
  • Daisy320
    4y ago
    With the "big view" being the focus of the room, don't cover it up with the back of the couch facing the view. Widen your room just a bit, put the couch on the left wall, add a couple of chairs and coffee table, ceiling light and rug, then again, make sure your colors are coordinated. Change the walls to ONE choice, make the floor a nice warm wood, as well as the ceiling, and have your furniture matching and coordinating in color! 
    If the view is the focal point, you need to make it the focal point and not cover it up with furniture. Furniture placement needs to be so that when people are sitting in the room, they can see the view. Instead of a bookcase, put a fireplace there . Suits a snowy exterior much better. 
    You wanted advice. Now do something with it! :)