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grandparents in Galicia

This is my tribute to my ancestors and culture. I come from the north-west of Spain, though I live thousands of kilometres away... Now, at this time of the year ( Xmas )... and at this period of my life ... I always feel a mixture of happiness and long for those days when I was a child and the whole family gathered at my grandparents´ for an incredible time of laughing, playing, stories by the fire, bakery  and much more... Getting wet running in the fields and coming back to our warm shelter ;)...always surrounded by the smell of herbs , caramel or any roast adults were cooking... the songs after dinner and cleaning the shoes for the Three Wise Men ..... there I began to discover the great writers ( sometimes hidden with my grandfather , who let us read books others considered only " for adults" )..
Now, far away and under the sun, I try to gather a small tribe ( always my two sons and sometimes their ocasional partners, my parents and my nephew) who decided to meet in this southern land and hope some day they can have happy memories of these days :).....Holidays there were always magical, any time of the year. Swimming in the river in summer, picking chestnuts in autumn...So, I decided not to make any special season decoration but to recreate that house and perhaps the warm and kind atmosphere I always felt in it .I used pictures of Sotomayor, José Ramón or Maside, who are Galician painters.
With all my best wishes !!