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  • PolarBear04
    4y ago
    We are all the same, despite our appearance, how much money we have or personality. Like this question says, we are all humans. We should treat each other in peace, and whenever you feel like you have it bad, remember that there are always less fortunate people than you. <3
  • Mum Dali
    4y ago
    Mum Dali
  • Conchy
    4y ago
    This is really  moving Nufra... and that´s a BIG question... Perhaps we have forgotten the meaning of "humanity" and that one of the qualities that make us human is the ability to love and have compassion ... "Love , Rice and Prosperity  for all human beings" !!!
  • russ
    4y ago
    Beautiful and it's so sad that we can't seem to. :,-(
  • Agata_ody
    4y ago
    Whole world #PrayForParis <3
  • Nufra
    4y ago
    <3 !
  • Ivana J
    4y ago
    Ivana J
    This is a beautiful message nufra. I was really shocked when I heard about Paris and I can't say with a words how much I feel sorry for those people, their families and friends. I hope that soon, peace will rule the world. Pray for Paris and for whole world. Peace my RS friends. <3