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Paradise Resort

  • Taxi girl
    3y ago
    Taxi girl

    WOW! Youre soo talented! I love it! The pool, the bar the EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

  • Ava Shirley
    3y ago
    Ava Shirley
    Oohh.... So Hot.
  • interiordesign9
    4y ago
    how do you make a pool and bar, I'm kind of new to this whole thing and aren't very good at designing....but clearly you are!
  • sometimes i am here
    4y ago
    sometimes i am here
    AAmazing reflection!!!
  • evahassing
    4y ago
    Thank you ! You can both drink for free at my bar ;)
  • janelle1
    4y ago
    Wonderful design!!!!
  • Conchy
    4y ago
    LOVE it !! I can imagine myself swimming in that beautiful pool and relaxing in the bar by the sea ;D